Root Pouch Grow Bags - Videos

What Makes Root Pouch Different Than Other Pots

How to send Root Pouch down a potting line

Preventing plastics from landfills and oceans

Oxygen Flow to Roots

Shipping with Root Pouch

Growing Oak Trees & Tap Roots with Root Pouch (Kankakee Nursery)

Pot in Pot with Root Pouch (Kankakee Nursery)

Isn’t Root Pouch Made of Plastic?

Root Pouch visits J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Root Pouch Featured on BBC World News

Phat Panda Washington

OG Medicinals Colorado

Caliva California

Zapata Gold Hemp Colorado

Olio Concentrates Colorado

National Hemp Exchange Colorado

Indico Colorado

Making of a Root Pouch

What’s in Your Pot?

Root Pouch Explainer

B&B Root Pouched March - August 2018

Root Pouch Roots 3 Gallon In Ground

Root Pouch Roots 3 Gallon Above Ground


Root Pouch Root Ball Fabric

Root Pouch Root Ball Fabric 2

Comparing Root Pouch fabric with Burlap

Root Pouch Fabric Compared to Other Fabrics

In Ground Grow Bag - J. Frank Schmidt & Sons

Root Pouch Fabric Line Explained

Comparing Different Planting Pots, Containers, and Bags

Balled and Root Pouch’ed (B&B)

Hedge Pouch

Wire Basket Insert

Planting Root Pouches - Garden Answer

Succulent Inspiration w/ Root Pouch

Planting a Summer Foodscape Container with Root Pouch

Drive By Root Pouch

Root Pouch Grow Bags - Files

root Pouch Options PDF
Root Pouch 5 Pot PDF
root Pouch Cradle Benefits PDF