Root Pouch fabric planting containers are made out of recycled water bottles + natural fibers preventing plastic from going to landfills and oceans.
2018 (400 metric tons of plastic water bottles used)
2019 (Goal to use 512 metric tons)
We have passed our 2019 goal of 512 metric tons by using 1000 metric tons and still counting.


Root Pouch is a family run business that turns discarded plastic bottles into a versatile, geotextitle material. The Root Pouch fabric planting container keeps plants healthy by letting excess water drain and allowing roots to breathe and grow.


Today, Root Pouch offers a range of sustainable gardening products made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials.

​Unsurpassed Plant Health

- Prevents roots from circling (naturally root prunes)

- Creates insulation from winter cold and/or summer heat

- Allows air & nutrients to pass freely through

- Decreases risk of transplant shock

- Produces bigger yields & promotes vigorous root growth


Our Pouches

At Root Pouch, we a manufacture our own fabrics as well as the containers themselves. Our fabrics are all BPA free and UV resistant, and manufactured in a safe and clean environment. Root Pouch grow bags are manufactured specifically for the professional grower. Each fabric is designed to meet a specific need, perfect for in-ground growing, the can-yard and greenhouses.

Our Roots

Root Pouch ability to grow perfect dense fibrous root systems. The Chamber of Agriculture in Germany is conducting an ongoing test comparing three different types of containers ( Root Pouch Fabric, Traditional Plastic and Air Pots. The test will continue for an additional 6 months. Test results will be published fall 2016 The trees shown in the video have been growing in the containers for 12 months. Testing is conducted by Doctor Andreas Wrede, head of Horticulture at Landwirtschafts-kammer Schleswig-Holstein

Who we are

​Two families. One in the United States and one in Asia. Working as one company for many years. Partners and friends with one common goal; to produce the finest, most scientifically advanced growing containers available.

Root Pouch manufactures their own fabrics that are formulated and designed through science and technology. The fabric and containers are all created and manufactured by Root Pouch company.


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