Breathable fabric planting containers made from recycled plastic water bottles

Root Pouch’s award-winning technology takes discarded plastic bottles that would otherwise clog our landfills and oceans, and turns them into plant pots, vertical garden pouches and erosion control sacks. Resilient and lightweight, our two types of fabric are designed to either be non degradable or to break down over time to let plants grow big and strong. The lifespan of our fabric is up to you, depending on the fabric you choose.

All of our fabrics are BPA free, and resistant to UV light.


Boxer Brown :

The most durable pot on the market

The non-degradable Boxer line comes in three colors: Brown, Green & Red. Can be used as an in-ground growing bag or above ground container that will not break down. → readmore

Controlled Enviro Grow Bag :

The cleanest end products start with the pot

Specifically designed for indoor soiless growing, purest bag on the market. We are committed to ensure our pots are safe for growing plants intended for human intake, be it produce, herbs or medical plants. → readmore
Black fabric pot


(4-5 Year)

Our thickest and heaviest degradable fabric, making it the most durable, long lasting. Comes in all sizes 1-600 gallon with or without handles. Washable and Reusable. → readmore
grey fabric pots


(3-4 year)

Our utilitarian line, affordable for mass production. Available in all sizes 1-600 gallon. Perfect for nursery growers. → readmore
charcoal fabric pots


(18-24 Month)

Not intdended to stand alone – great as liners and as pot-in-pot inserts. Available in 1-7 gallon without handles. → readmore
propagation fabric pots

Propagation Black

(12-15 month)

Our light-weight, thin walled most porous fabric. Available 1 pint-3 gallon, without handles. Perfect for greenhouse propagation or ebb & flow systems. → readmore
fytogreen 03

Vertical Gardens :

Made of Recycled Plastic Water Bottles

The quickest, easiest way to build a healthy, beautiful living wall Turn any vertical space into a stunning array of healthy greenery with Root Pouch Vertical Living Wall systems. Economical and very easy to install, … → readmore

Hydro/Culture Pots & Inserts :

Fabric pots designed with healthier roots in mind

Root Pouch Hydro/Culture Fabric Pots & Inserts provide a more sustainable and environmentally sound alternative to plastic culture pots. They come in two different styles: tapered liners and stand alone pots…. → readmore

Erosion Control Sacks :

Root Pouches degradable version of a sand bag, that will break down in the earths elements.

Sustainable landscaping, erosion control and reforestation Root Pouch erosion control sacks provide a more sustainable and environmentally sound alternative to plastic sand bags.   → readmore