Root Pouch fabric planting containers are made out of recycled water bottles + natural fibers preventing plastic from going to landfills and oceans.
2018 (400 metric tons of plastic water bottles used)
2019 (Goal to use 512 metric tons)
We have passed our 2019 goal of 512 metric tons by using 1000 metric tons and still counting.

Fabric Grow Bag

Fabric Grow Bag

Fabric Grow Bag

Fabric Grow Bag

Fabric Grow Bag

Fabric Grow Bag

Fabric Grow Bag

90 g/m2

12 - 15 month

Great for propagation and greenhouse applications

Replacement for standard plastic poly grow bags. Breaks down in 12-15 months when there is soil on BOTH sides. Note, when you are planting the tree or plant in the ground permanently, please remove the pouch.

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  • Replacement for the standard plastic poly grow bags.
  • Prunes roots
  • Allows nutrients to pass through


Our fabric grow bag is available from 1 pint to 3 gallons, with out handles. Click below for a printable version of the Root Pouch products Spec Sheet.

Root Pouch Specification Sheet

Size Description Liter Size Dimensions Metric Dimensions
1 pt no handles 3 w x 5 h 7 w x 12 h
1 qt no handles 4 w x 5 h 10 w x 13 h
1.5 qt no handles 5 w x 5 h 13 w x 13 h
2 qt no handles 5 w x 6 h 13 w x 15 h
3 qt no handles 6 w x 5 h 15 w x 13 h
1 gallon no handles 3.8 liter 6 w x 7 1/2 h 15 w x 19 h
2 gallon no handles 8 liter 8 1/2 w x 8 1/2 h 21 w x 21 h
3 gallon no handles 12 liter 10 w x 8 1/2 h 25 1/2 w x 21 1/2 h


  • Is FDA approval required at this time for Grow Bags, Nursery Pots, or any Horticultural containers?

    Short answer is no not at this time. Our understanding is that at this time the federal government does not view growing Cannabis as a federally legalized act and has not yet required that they meet FDA standards test 21 CFR 177.1630 (contact with food, drugs, biologics and cosmetics).

    The FDA requirements are of course inevitable since it is important that container manufacturers create safe non-toxic containers for the use of growing plants that will be consumed by humans.

    We at Root Pouch believe it is important to our customers that our containers have been tested and have passed safety test for contact with food. We have decided not to wait until it is required and have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that the containers we produce are free of harmful contaminants that my effect the quality and safety of the plants grown in them.

    All our grow bags have undergone rigorous testing by BACL (Global testing and certification lab) in accordance with FDA contact test 21 CFR 177.1630

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Fabric Grow Bag

Thin Black

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Fabric Grow Bag


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