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The worlds most prominent tree growers use Root Pouch containers

Root Pouch visits J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Root Pouch: the best fabric bag

Moved 75-80% of container liner production to Root Pouch

100% survival rate on trees

Reduced water consumption by at least 50%

Root Pouch in-ground perform better than bare root

The worlds most prominent tree growers use Root Pouch containers

This is exactly what we are looking for. Strong lateral dense fibrous roots

At Root Pouch, our focus is all about “The Roots” we know that Circling / Girdling roots are quite common from plastic pots, we also know this problem cannot correct itself once the tree is planted in the landscape.

Girdling roots that wrap around the trunk of a tree weakens the tree by restricting the flow of water and nutrients, leading to the decline of the health of the tree.The difference in a healthy root is a tree struggling for years or thriving for decades!

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Why is Root Pouch natural fiber pots the best choice for in-ground and pot-in-pot applications?

One significant difference in Root Pouch and all the others is the weave of our fabrics.
All other fabric companies boast that they air-prune roots. Root Pouch does not air-prune, our fabric weave prunes by entrapment.

Air-pruning works by the weave being loose enough for the roots to squeeze through, once the root hits the air it stops growing and signals the tree to send additional roots.
Entrapment pruning is when the fabric weave is too tight and does not allow the root tips to squeeze through and traps them signaling the tree to send additional roots.

Both methods of root pruning produce the same great non-circling dense fibrous root system when used above ground where there is air surrounding the pots. Growing in the ground as well as pot-in-pot where there is no air is quite different.

Other fabric pots allow roots to penetrate their bags into surrounding soil which is not the most effective way of controlling roots within the bag.

Root Pouch is far superior to pruning roots in all growing applications, this coupled with the natural fibers ability to draw and absorb water from surrounding soil make it the better choice for in ground growing.

Root Pouch Warehouse
Hillsboro, Oregon USA warehouse. Most orders ship next day.

Better Container

The study was done by: http://www.lksh.de/forst/

Plastic Pot
Plastic PotRoot Pouch

Woven plastic vs Root Pouch
Woven PlasticRoot Pouch

Woven plastic vs Root Pouch
Poly BagRoot Pouch


Natural Fiber Blends ( Semi-Degradable Fabrics )

—In-ground growing containers—


  • Root zone temperature protection
  • Hydrophilic properties
  • Absorbs water from surrounding soil
  • Acts as a nurturing membrane while creating a controlled dense fibrous root structure
  • Offers permeability plus they are breathable
  • Easy to ship, direct-from-field.


  • Depending on the degradability timing limitations
  • Natural fibers will start to degrade and lose tensile strength.

—Above Ground (Container Yard) Growing—


  • Superb evenly distributed moisture control throughout the pot
  • Evenly diffuses temperature differences while providing insulation.
  • Attracts and absorbs water from the sides, sprinklers, and rain
  • Ships easily.


  • Depending on the percentage of natural fibers and thickness
  • Tensile strength may be a factor.

100% PETE (no natural fibers blended into the fabric)

made of recycled plastic water bottles

—Above Ground (Container Yard) Growing—


  • Extremely strong, high tensile strength, 260 g/m2 to 300 g/m2 fabrics available
  • Prevents root circling
  • Breathable
  • Provides protection from extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Prevents root damage from direct sunlight
  • Easy to handle
  • Ships easily.


  • Not recommended for in-ground growing.
  • Man-made fibers have more of a hydrophobic property to them and do not draw water toward them as natural fibers do.
  • If a fabric does not contain natural fibers we suggest growers use a drip system for in-ground growing.

Overall Pros

  • All Root Pouch PETE is derived from recycled plastic water bottles.
  • No new raw petroleum or new fossil fuels are used.
  • All PETE is BPA free and inert (chemically inactive)
  • All Root Pouch fabric is manufactured by Root Pouch to ensure the quality of raw material content

See how our customers use Root Pouch...

Check out who else is using Root Pouch...
J. Frank Schmidt & Sons Co, USA
Oregon Pride
Ekstrom Schmidt
Gee Farms
Hans Nelson
Green Acres Tree Farm
Tupper Tree Farm
Western Evergreen

Belloch Forestal, Barcelona, Spain

​Belloch Forestal

Pictures: Green fabric Root Pouch


Sheridan Nurseries, Canada

Sheridan uses the Root Pouch as both a stand alone pot and as a pot-n-pot insert. Sheridan has been granted Nursery Grower of the Year two times by the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association.

Pictured: Boxer Brown 15 gallon w/handles Image Credit: Bart Brusse, Sheridan Nurseries


J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co., Oregon, USA

Root Pouch fabric pots, in custom grey 10 x 10 size. Planting budded trees in field production.


Green Acres Tree Farm, Michigan, USA

Green Acres Tree Farm

“The Root Pouch has made all the difference in the consistent vigor of the plant while being held above ground compared to conventional burlap. It retains moisture 100% better than burlap and keeps the root balls cool during hot summer days. We believe in the product and promote the benefits to our clients! Win-Win” – Dennise Vidosh, President


R&H Nursery, Oregon, USA

R&H Nursery

Pictured: 3 gallon 12-15 month Root Pouches

Easy to pick up and carry.


Treetec, Chile

​TreeTec Nursery

Pictured: 3qt 12-15 month Root Pouches with quercus plants inoculated with truffles.


Sooner Plant Farm, OK, USA

Sooner Plant Farm

Taylor Junipers in Root Pouches


Sooner Plant Farm, OK, USA

Sooner Plant Farm

Japanese Maples in Root Pouches


Meet our collection of grow products for commercial growers

The worlds most prominent tree growers use Root Pouch containers

Boxer Line

250 g/m2 PETE fabric

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The worlds most prominent tree growers use Root Pouch containers


260 g/m2 Natural Fiber Blend

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The worlds most prominent tree growers use Root Pouch containers


250 g/m2 natural fiber blend

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The worlds most prominent tree growers use Root Pouch containers


150 g/m2 natural fiber blend

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The worlds most prominent tree growers use Root Pouch containers

Thin Black Fabric Grow Bags

90 g/m2 natural fiber blend

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Breathable, porous fabric containers produce healthier plants.

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