Helping a Mexican Orphanage to Bloom


Root Pouch recently contributed to the establishment of a sustainable garden project in a Mexican orphanage. We donated our horticulture containers to nonprofit organization Aquaponics and Earth, who used them to help create a garden in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, at Mama Lupita’s Orphanage. The garden is based on an aquaponic system that reduces waste by using wastes from tilapia fish cultivation as nutrients for raised-bed and earth gardens. The staff and orphans are learning how to recycle almost everything, including waste paper and food scraps, to support the intensive-grow gardens, which will produce twice the normal amount of crops. The children are thrilled with their new garden, and will enjoy many long-term benefits. The garden project acts as a learning center, introducing the children to large commercial farming systems and giving them skills that will help them find jobs and share their knowledge to improve and enrich their community.