Root Pouch fabric planting containers are made out of recycled water bottles + natural fibers preventing plastic from going to landfills and oceans.
2019 (1000 metric tons of plastic water bottles used)
2020 (Goal to use 1200 metric tons)
Help us reach our goal. Be part of the solution one pouch at a time.
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Reducing Our Dependence on Oil

The recent oil spill in the Gulf highlights the high cost of our dependence on petroleum and fossil fuels. More than 200 million gallons of crude oil have been released into the ocean and the damage is incalculable, both in terms of dollars and the long-term effects on our planet.

The less oil we consume, the better. When we pull it out of the ground, when we burn it to create energy, and when we carelessly let it spill, it hurts our environment. We spend billions extracting it and then more billions cleaning up the mess.

When environmental disasters like the recent spill happen, the companies who caused them need to take responsibility. But each of us also has a responsibility to find ways to consume less oil in our daily lives and break the cycle of dependence.

That’s what inspired us to create the Root Pouch line of products. We looked around at the mountains of plastic that the gardening and landscaping industries used, and knew there had to be a better way. With some creative thinking and initiative, we found it. By using discarded plastic bottles to create a plant-friendly fabric, we found a way to make plant pots, vertical pouches and erosion control bags from 100% recycled materials. No new plastic. No petroleum. No fossil fuels.

We’re committed to reducing oil consumption and finding more sustainable ways to create beautiful, productive gardens, farms and landscaped areas. If you are, too, please stay tuned for more tips and information on this blog, or come down to our “imaginarium,” where we get together every day to exchange ideas about growing sustainably. It’s located at our headquarters in downtown Portland, Oregon, and visitors are always welcome!




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