The quickest, easiest way to build a healthy, beautiful living wall

Pictured above : 4 single vertical pouches wide x 5 single vertical pouches tall = 20 chocolate brown vertical pouches.

Turn any vertical space into a stunning array of healthy greenery with Root Pouch Vertical Living Wall systems. Economical and very easy to install, a Root Pouch living wall creates visual interest, improves air quality, provides shade and saves energy.

Like all Root Pouch products, the vertical pouches are made from recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise become landfill. The reclaimed plastic is spun into fibers that create a strong, lightweight fabric-like material that allows plants to breathe and grow.


A Root Pouch Vertical Living Wall can be installed virtually anywhere: rooftops, patios, apartment balconies, wooden or chain-link fences, urban community walls or even indoor vertical spaces. Any man-made surface can be transformed into a beautiful, living, organic green space.

How to Use

Root Pouch Living Wall pouches are available in single, double or triple-pouch styles, and can be used individually or linked together to create impressive, multi-story structures. A lush indoor herb garden, a shady garden corner cascading with ferns and moss, roof garden cascading with shady ferns or a disused wall turned into a productive, vertical vegetable patch—the possibilities are limitless! Click here for ideas and instructions on creating your own Root Pouch Living Wall.


What types of surfaces can be used to build a Root Pouch Living Wall?

Root Pouch vertical pouches can be affixed to virtually any surface, including concrete, brick, wood, or chain link. For more information on attaching vertical pouches to a variety of surface types, please visit our Ways to Use page.

Can plants live in a Root Pouch vertical pouch indefinitely?

Yes, the Root Pouch vertical pouch is made of a porous material that allows plants to breathe and thrive. Plants can be watered and tended in the same way as they would in a conventional container, allowing air and water to nurture plant roots on any surface.

What are Root Pouch vertical pouches made of?

Root Pouch vertical pouches are made of PETE (polythehylene terephthalate) derived from plastic bottles. This material is spun into fibers that form a flexible, breathable geotextile. This fabric-like material offers a healthy environment for plants and is strong enough to create a permanent vertical garden of any size. Unlike Root Pouch plant pots, the material used in the vertical pouches does not contain natural fibers and is not designed to degrade over time.

Where can I find instructions on building a Living Wall with Root Pouch vertical pouches?

Find instructions on building a Root Pouch Living Wall system over a fence, wall or grid system on our Ways to Use page.

Vertical Garden Pouch in Action

Attach to any surface. Turn surfaces into beautiful organic, living, breathing environments.

Saddlebags in Action

No attachments needed. Just simply hang and enjoy a living, edible garden or create an instant splash of color. Anywhere your imagination takes you. Put over railings, fences or walls.

Product Pictures

Single Vertical Pouch, 33” wide x 18” tall Color Options: Black, Gray (pictured), Brown

Saddlebag Set Large, 33” wide x 18” tall (Double Sided) Color Options: Black, Gray (pictured), Brown.

Color Options

Pictured Left to Right: Light Blue, Light Green, Brown, Black, Grey.