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exterior wall hangings

Colors Available: Brown, Black, Grey, Green, Red

Turn any vertical space into a stunning array of healthy greenery with Root Pouch Vertical Living Wall systems. Economical and very easy to install, a Root Pouch living wall creates visual interest, improves air quality, provides shade and saves energy.

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Root Pouch Living Wall pouches are available in single or herb sizes, and can be used individually or linked together to create impressive, multi-story structures. A lush indoor herb garden, a shady garden corner cascading with ferns and moss, roof garden cascading with shady ferns or a disused wall turned into a productive, vertical vegetable patch—the possibilities are limitless!


Our verticals come in three options, two for hanging on walls, and the urban saddle bag perfect for balconies and railings. Click below for a printable version of our spec sheet.

Root Pouch Specification Sheet

Gallon Size Description Liter Size Dimensions Metric Dimensions
Herb vertical garden 13 w x 13 h 33 w x 33 h
Vertical vertical garden 23 w x 16 h 66 w x 33 h

Case Studies

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