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Thin Black

Thin Black

Thin Black

90 g/m2 natural fiber blend

Lasts 12-18 months when in ground, depending on conditions.

Thin-walled fabric pots. Allow nutrients and water to pass through while containing the medium. Allows roots to break through after planted in the ground with soil on both sides for 12-18 months. Great for propagation and Ebb & Flow applications. Note, when you are planting the tree or plant in the ground permanently, please remove the pouch.

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Our light-weight, thin walled most porous fabric. Available 1 pint-3 gallon, without handles. Perfect for greenhouse propagation or ebb & flow systems.


Our Thin Black Fabric is available from 1 pint to 3 gallons, no handles. Click below for a printable version of the Root Pouch products Spec Sheet.

Root Pouch Specification Sheet

Gallon Size Description Liter Size Dimensions Metric Dimensions
1 pt no handles .45 liter 3 w x 5 h 7 w x 12 h
1 qt no handles 1 liter 4 w x 5 h 10 w x 13 h
1.5 qt no handles 1.6 liter 5 w x 5 h 13 w x 13 h
2 qt no handles 2 liter 5 w x 6 h 13 w x 15 h
3 qt no handles 2.3 liter 6 w x 5 h 15 w x 13 h
1 gallon no handles 3.8 liter 6 w x 7 1/2 h 15 w x 19 h
2 gallon no handles 8 liter 8 1/2 w x 8 1/2 h 21 w x 21 h
3 gallon no handles 12 liter 10 w x 8 1/2 h 25 1/2 w x 21 1/2 h

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Thin Black


150 g/m2 natural fiber blend

Thin Black


260 g/m2 Natural Fiber Blend

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